As purchased February/March 2005

Outside of the original house and barn (sic: 1800's updated in 1900's)

Inside the upstairs of the original farm house

Around the barn with clean-up underway, new fence installation, and inside the original house after gutting the rear half.

The cleanup continues.  Burning some of the overgrowth and old fence.  Paving the private entrance lane to the newer house (sic: 1980's) on the hill.  The newer brick house on the hill.  Pasture next to and behind the original house with the old chicken barn and abandoned cars.  The main barn viewed from the road next to the original house returning from the newer house on the hill.  The original house after some cleanup. The main barn viewed from the stream.  The covered bridge on the neighbor's property (the abandoned roadway to it passed the barn and is the same road that runs past the original house coming from the newer house on the hill).

Photos from the newer house looking toward the main barn and original house across the main pasture/hay field).  More photo's of the newer house and the barn next to it.

Late Spring 2005

Putting in the electric line to the garage next to the original house.  The country kitchen side of the original house with closed-up side entrance (where refrigerator is) closed -up sleeping porch (area of the sliding glass doors), and gutted sleeping porch with rotted floor beams due to dirt being placed against them.

September 2005 cleanup.

  Repairing the sheds next to the main barn.  Hay made into covered round bales as silage. 

November 2005 cleanup.

  Excess trees removed from around the original house and barn completed.  Last hay/silage harvest has been put up. Manure scraper and elevator removed from the main barn (end of brick portion).

December 2005. 

 Front portion of the original house, replacing the oil heat with electric baseboards


Living room, with woodwork details.

Stairs to the second level.

Main bed room.

Small bed room.


Main barn repair.  Fixing the entrance door on the main barn's brick section doorway, manure elevator opening, and damage.

March 2006 activities.

Finally, the small skid steer works. (Yes, it was short sleeve tee shirt weather in early March).